Volleyball Players Honored

The Arkansas University, the volleyball players were honored for their performance and for their game.  Smith, who is a college student, was announced as the man of the match and was said by the judges that he has a very bright future in volleyball and he should continue his game.  Along with Smith Gomez was also announced as the blocker of the year and participated equally well in the match. Both of their names were there in the SWAC. They were also called for the international conference but all these events happened only in the online mode because of the social distancing guidelines. 

It is estimated that when everything will get alright and the corona cases will decrease than with the proper guideline all the volleyball matches will be continued. But till then all the matches especially those in March and February will be rescheduled or are canceled.

Spangler sisters playing together in volleyball

Spengler sisters play volleyball

Kayla and Lauren, the two sisters have been playing volleyball together for many years. But this year due to some uncertainty they were worried about if they would get a chance to play together or not. Kayla appreciated the opportunity that she got to play together with her sister even if it was for a very short duration. 

However, they played many series together and have won many medals together. They also stated in an interview that they love to play in the same team and together. In an interview, Kayla said that she loves to play with her elder sister Lauren. The game that they play together helps them to build memories which they can carry for their lifetime and if they will ever get any chance where they can play together and they will never miss it. 

The statement of their sisters melted the heart of the audience, and they wish to see more matches this season. 

The schedule of Volleyball tournaments in winter 2021 has released 

Volleyball Association has released its schedule for the winter season of 2021. According to the decided schedule, the event begins in late January and will be continued till March. Every year it starts from the mid of November but this year it will be a little late. 

The health ministry has not allowed the gathering of the audience in any of the game events. Only the students and the coaches have been allowed to attend the tournaments with complete guidelines of the Covid -19. The people attending the tournament have been suggested to maintain social distancing and use masks on the ground. Everyone should be tested before playing. 

In this article, I have mentioned the volleyball matches which are postponed and canceled due to rising cases of covid19 and when, how this will come under control. Matches of the Spangler sisters and more others. If you are a volleyball fan and want to gather or learn something about it then this article will help you to do the same.  I hope you liked this article.