Betnow sportsbook

Are you interested in betting, and you are not able to select the platform? Are you worried about the payment methods? Or not sure whether your account details are safe with your platform or not. Say bye to your worries because Betnow is there.

Betnow is a renowned website where we can place our bets and money on different sports like golf, football, table tennis, and racing, along with many more. Since it is online and all our money and profits are safe with them, this is one of the best known sportsbooks where we can invest. This platform is super easy to use whether investing our money, selecting our sport, or withdrawing our money.

Who owns Betnow?

Betnow platform

Betnow is a private-based betting service. Its foundation was laid in 2005, and it is based in London, England, United Kingdom. They make betting really easy for us. Along with this, their funding has been raised to $5M. You can also contact them anytime for help at [email protected] or call them at their customer service helpline number. It is a private-based and recognized website, and people have been investing and trusting in it for a long time now.

Betnow mobile app

Betnow, being one of the best and easy to use apps, is more convenient to use on phones instead of laptops and computers. It’s a user-friendly app and has customer care service available all the time in case the customer faces any problem. It is a well-organized application, and the user doesn’t need any tutorial, but they will themselves be able to use it easily without any issue.

Betnow payment methods

Betnow accepts a number of payment methods and the deposit and release of the money in their case are really very fast. Some of the easy money transfer methods are mentioned here:

  • Bitcoin transfer is one of the methods. It can be transferred from a minimum of $20 and has a very high upper limit. It is immediately transferred from your side to them while placing your money.
  • Bitcoin cash is another method of transfer. Its maximum and minimum limits are approximately the same as that of bitcoin transfer. This is also transferred as soon as you direct the application.
  • Visa and MasterCard is another method. This method can be convenient for you, but its minimum limit is slightly high, but the maximum limit is much lower than bitcoin cash. So you need to keep this in mind before investing your money.

Betnow promo

Betnow has always been best to their customers, providing them with a lot of rewards, bonuses, and promotions to its old and new users. For availing of the maximum benefits, you can use their promo codes like BN50, BN25, BNCASINO, and many more.

While initially installing the app, you will have to give them your account details and some other information, and don’t forget to use promo codes in order to avail maximum benefits. You will also get the welcome bonus as soon as you join Betnow.